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General Information

Colesberg is a traveller’s oasis on the main Cape Town to Johannesburg route.  Colesberg is situated in the Great Karoo in the Northern Cape on the N1 national freeway.  Colesberg lies in typical Karoo veld and is surrounded by hills.  The most famous is Coleskop, which can be seen from a distance of over 40km. 

In a sheep-farming area spread over half-a-million hectares, greater Colesberg breeds many of the country’s top merinos. It is also renowned for producing high-quality racehorses with many stud farms, including one owned by the legendary golfer, Gary Player.

Colesberg has comfortable hotels and motels, affordable overnight guest rooms, chalets, self-catering cottages, Bed & Breakfasts, as well as spacious caravan park. There are also several guest farms and hunting lodges in the district.  Many of Colesberg’s original buildings are fine examples of early Karoo architecture.  

The town has several national monuments one of which is the Colesberg-Kemper Museum.  It was originally the Colesberg Bank and later the Standard Bank. It now houses fascinating relics of the town’s rich tapestry of history.

Activities and events in and around Colesberg include:  

  • Doornkloof Nature Reserve: On the south-eastern banks of the Vanderkloof Dam, the 9388 ha reserve features kudu, eland, brown hyaena, mountain reedbuck, steenbok, grey duiker, bat-eared fox, aardvark and aardwolf. 
  • About 173 bird species inhabit the area.
  • Hiking.
  • Mountain biking.

Restaurants in Colesberg are known for their variety. Whether you're looking for a quick bite or a sit-down meal, you're sure to find something to suit your taste. The restaurant directory lists some of the best restaurants in Colesberg, so you can start planning your next meal out!


Top 10 Adventure Activities for Families in Colesberg


  • Horseback Riding: Explore the scenic beauty of Colesberg atop a horse. Several local operators offer guided horseback riding tours, allowing families to traverse through breathtaking landscapes while experiencing the thrill of horse riding.


  • Quad Biking: Embark on an exhilarating quad biking adventure through Colesberg's rugged terrain. Navigate through dusty trails and rocky paths while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.


  • Hiking Trails: Discover Colesberg's natural wonders by exploring its numerous hiking trails. From leisurely strolls to more challenging treks, there are options suitable for every age and fitness level. Don't miss the chance to witness stunning vistas and encounter local wildlife along the way.


  • Fossil Hunting: Uncover the prehistoric past of Colesberg by indulging in fossil hunting expeditions. Join guided tours to fossil-rich sites where you can learn about ancient creatures and even try your hand at finding fossils buried beneath the earth's surface.


  • Cultural Tours: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Colesberg with guided tours of local historical sites and landmarks. Visit museums, heritage sites, and traditional villages to gain insight into the region's diverse history and traditions.


  • Bird Watching: Colesberg boasts abundant birdlife, making it a paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts. Grab your binoculars and head to nearby nature reserves and wetlands to spot a variety of bird species in their natural habitat.


  • Stargazing: Experience the magic of the night sky in Colesberg, renowned for its clear skies and minimal light pollution. Join stargazing tours or simply lay out a blanket and gaze up at the glittering stars, constellations, and celestial wonders above.


  • Fishing: Spend quality time with your family while casting a line in Colesberg's pristine rivers and dams. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice fisherman, the tranquil waters of Colesberg offer ample opportunities for a relaxing day of fishing.


  • Hot Air Ballooning: Soar above the picturesque landscapes of Colesberg aboard a hot air balloon. Drift gently across the sky as you marvel at panoramic views of rolling hills, meandering rivers, and sprawling plains below.


  • Wildlife Safaris: Embark on thrilling wildlife safaris in nearby game reserves and national parks. Keep your eyes peeled for sightings of iconic African wildlife, including lions, elephants, rhinos, and giraffes, as you traverse through diverse ecosystems teeming with animal life.


Colesberg has a thriving business community and provides a wide range of goods and services to its residents and holiday makers.  The business directory provides a list of advertisers.


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